Advantages of Robotic Tank Inspection

  • Environmentally safer and cleaner than traditional out of service inspections.
  • Complete job faster than Out of Service .
  • MFL requires out of service. Limited to tank bottom material. (FRP) Lining.
  • Tank to remain in service at time of inspection.
  • UT can be used on FRP, Epoxy coated bottoms.
  • Paraffin or wax bottoms can not be tested.
  • Smaller Inspection Crew (5 typ.)

Other Advantages

  • Uses the most recent Ultrasonic Technology.
  • A Scan, B Scan and C Scan presentations.
  • Tank bottom settlement elevations
  • Fastest safest way to inspect AST.
  • I/S can be used in hazardous products.
  • Division 1 Class 1
  • Heptane, Gasoline ETC .
  • Used in HIGH temp products.