A unique technique for inspecting and cleaning the floors of an Above Ground Storage Tank’s (AST) emerged in the late 90’s based on In-Service Robotic Technology. The technology has come a long way since then, with new inspection and tank cleaning capabilities, greater operational efficiency and a much broader user base. The number of tanks inspected using In-Service Robotics has now exceeded the 700 mark. Industry now has an alternative to determining the minimum floor thickness of tanks in order to determine the next optimum time for an Out-of-Service Inspection.

This can be accomplished without taking the tank out of service. Compliant with API Std 653 (Ref 1) guidelines for determining tank floor corrosion rates, and when combined with an API 653 tank external survey, a full service inspection firm, is applying this method providing the tank owner with a comprehensive picture of the AST’s condition without taking it out of service and the ability to remove sludge at the same time. 

Although there is a population of tanks that require Out-of-Service inspections because of the tank’s condition, age and inspection history, there is a growing population of tanks that will benefit from the introduction of this technology.
Paul Rose Consulting Consultants has been operating since 2007, dedicated to the AST market.

Paul Rose the owner of the company has more than 40 years NDT and Metallurgical Lab experience and carries a UT Level III Certification. Paul Rose Consulting has focused on many phases of the ASNT, API and NDT services with major role in Training for the field of NDT, UT and EVA for the robotic field of tank inspections. Our major emphases has been on data analysis, EVA and reporting of those findings. Paul Rose Consulting has been approved for analyzing, Reporting and providing API 653 reporting for Nuclear Power Industry.